Aug 2014

Ykän Pub 29.8.2014

On August the 29th the Band visited a nice place - The Ykä’s Pub. Great acoustics and atmosphere!
Unfortunately so dark that no photos were taken :)

Nallikari 22.8.2014

On Friday, August 22nd the Band performed at the Nallikari Beach in a private event.
Great feeling, absolutely brilliant weather and superb audience, about 1500 beautiful women enjoying their summer party and a couple of handsome fellas on the stage :)

We’ll post some videos as soon as the busy times allow, see the Youtube playlist below

Take a look at some photos too!
Meno päällä
The Band

The Audience

The Guitar Man

Go Ahead Man!
Go ahead man, go ahead!

Hannu ja Art
The Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers 2
Jamming together

Tuba 8.8.2014

This was our 1st visit to Restaurant Tuba. Also a great venue for blues music - warm feeling, close contact with the audience and surprisingly good acoustics.

Thanks once again for the restaurant people and the loyal fans who have joined us many times!


Check the video material below!

Suomussalmi Rock 19.7.2014

Once again great time and fun in the fabulous tavern Wanhan Kalevan Baari!

1st set outdoors at the back yard, the record breaking summer weather with exceptionally warm temperatures and great audience kept the feeling high!
2nd and 3rd sets were performed inside with house FULL of great people!